Sanford has the luxury of having 5 frontline pitchers, which means we can trade one of them to someone looking for a rotation anchor.
Four of them - Scott Martin, Jason Rose, Charles Cross, Robert Reiter - are bonafide #1 starter aces right now. The fifth one, Clarence Morales, still has more development left, so there's no doubt he will be one. He's already a good #2 starter after his first two seasons.

All of them are in their prime or not yet in their prime - they're 28, 28, 27, 24 and 24.
All five were in the top 15 in era last season and four of them were in the top 10.
Four of them were in the top 7 in the league in innings pitched, while the fifth one (Morales) was a swingman (who still pitched 186 innings) and currently has an 84 EN with potential to settle at 90 EN.
Four of them were in the top 10 in groundball outs while the fifth (Morales) was in the top 10 in groundballs per inning.

So we are willing to trade one of these aces. We like draft picks and good prospects. So if you need a rotation anchor, let's talk.