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Thread: Traded Draft Picks

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    Re: Traded Draft Picks

    please transfer all of brooklyn knights picks to Wrigleytown Marauder, to complete this trade from last year

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    Re: Traded Draft Picks

    "Plus next season 2020 1st & 2nd round picks"
    - Owner, Elmhurst Darkside
    From Elmhurst Darkside:
    P: Carl Miller ($2,009,000)
    P: Cristian Able ($1,982,000)
    3B: Phillip Fraga ($1,254,000)
    Second Round Draft Pick: #30 overall
    From Bronx Bombers:
    P: Richard Martinez ($4,511,000)
    RF: Kurt Saari ($3,607,000)

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    Re: Traded Draft Picks

    Plus Titusvilles 1st pick in 2120. With a good relief pitcher, you would have made playoffs. I can add Fraga if you want another hitter. You can substitute anyone for Chili."
    - Owner, Bronx Bombers
    From Titusville Thunderbolts:
    SS: Anthony Chill ($366,000)
    From Bronx Bombers:
    P: Luis Shaw ($2,125,000)
    First Round Draft Pick: #22 overall
    Second Round Draft Pick: #46 overall

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