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Thread: Please Add : GO/FO under team stats

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    Please Add : GO/FO under team stats

    Currently if you got to League Stats -> View Team Stats -> Pitching Extended it does not display GO or FO numbers for teams, however individual team stat pages display the total number. I think it would be very beneficial when scouting teams and when evaluating defensive performance across a league. It becomes frustrating to open 24 team stat pages rather than it being displayed in the pitching extended league stats query.

    Thank you
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    Re: Please Add : GO/FO under team stats

    Also, if there is a way to calculate FFO under pitching extended, that would be great. I checked my team in the last postseason to be sure, and FFO are not counted under FO.

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    Re: Please Add : GO/FO under team stats

    To add to the heap, I'd love to see BABIP put onto the Pitching (Extended) League Stats (currently is there for individual teams). I think it's a great way to evaluate team defense, ad this would make it easy to evaluate defenses league-wide.
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    Re: Please Add : GO/FO under team stats

    Super old thread and I can see these requests were filled. Now could BABIP be added to hitters stats and GO/FO ratio replace the raw numbers on the pitcher stats? I'm too lazy to do the math.

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    Re: Please Add : GO/FO under team stats

    Also add FFO back for hitters too.
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