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Thread: Pony Express wants your...

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    Pony Express wants your...

    I am looking to help any owner looking to dump that big salary pitcher. Age negotiable, talent is not. I have the cap space to help you and you may find a cheaper piece that fits your puzzle here in St. Joe.

    To make absolutely clear, I want one of the top pitchers in the league who you don't want to pay for anymore. Quite simple really. I have draft picks for your rebuilding project...whatever. Let's deal!

    Also, I am curious if anyone even checks these boards. I do hope so LOL

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    Re: Pony Express wants your...

    Sad Face.

    I don't have anything like a top pitcher in the league.

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    Re: Pony Express wants your...

    Jason Rose is the only one I'd trade and he's still got some development to go before he's a top pitcher. But he will be in the end.


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