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Thread: WVWR trade block

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    WVWR trade block

    The Whiskey rebels NEED a bat or two. I just really have no idea what I could give up for some bats as I will have a huge power shortage til my two guys in the LM come up. Take a look at my roster and let me know if anything interests you I can make small trades to benefit your team or maybe something big just try me and see where it goes. I will not trade Wilk, Friel, or Taylor but could possibly move anyone else if the price is right. My roster>>>>

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    Re: WVWR trade block

    PM sent.

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    Re: WVWR trade block

    Replied to both PMs sent. Still open to any talks especially with it being such a young league FA's are slim and none so why not make a trade to get something you need for something you have too much of.

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    Re: WVWR trade block

    Daniel Still would look good in a PANSY DIKEMAN uniform. No homo.
    If you need to get ahold of me, I am now posting as Rando. <<<<---------- Click that to PM.

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    Re: WVWR trade block

    Well he is available it might cost ya though as I am not gonna give him away.


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