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Thread: auto draft?

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    auto draft?

    2040: Last season's 1 round draft had 13 autopicks--more than half.
    2039: This 2 round draft had 10 autos in round 1, 17 in round 2.

    We had a suggestion to make this years draft completely automated rather than mess with a live draft with so many autopicks. I'd like people to weigh in on this--what do you think? If we get 12 (ok, 11 plus me) people indicating they want to keep a live draft over the next week or so, we'll certainly do so. However, if people prefer auto, or if they aren't interested enough for more than 2 or 3 to respond--I think we should go auto, at least until activity picks up. What do people think?
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    Re: auto draft?

    I think an auto 2nd round would be fine, most picks there are auto'd anyways. I'd like to keep a live first round though

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    Re: auto draft?

    Keep a live RD1 is important with an auto RD2. My main concern is keeping the league at 8 games/day. Even if it means to have commish controled teams until we can find new owners. Keeping teams open in the preseason is fine and at playoff time.
    I like 8 games/day leagues and last season was exciting in the Southern division and Pensacola just missed out on the playoffs, but it dragged on forever at 4 games/day.


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    Re: auto draft?

    live rnd 1
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    Re: auto draft?

    Live round 1 and what Jimmy said!

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    Re: auto draft?

    live first round
    auto is ok for second but I prefer it to be live also

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    Re: auto draft?

    I'd rather have Live 2 rds. but will be ok with 1
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    Re: auto draft?

    I don't pay attention to my leagues EXCEPT for the draft. The teams should have a choice. Teams that AUTO in first round should be Auto'd at THE END of round 1. The 2nd,3rd round could be full auto in natural spots. However, if there is no penalty for not picking , why pick. Reward the teams that are here trying by letting them pick even if it is higher than it should be.
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    Re: auto draft?

    Yeah John Lee and the live draft are what have kept me in this league, honestly, since I prefer 8gm/day leagues. I don't think we need a lottery or even 2 rounds, just the option to choose in the 1st round.

    EDIT: Btw, I've been w/o power for a few days due to Hurricane Sandy. I just have phone internet and a weak battery (unless I go somewhere for a charge or hit up Starbucks for internet). I'll try my best not to let it interfere with the draft in any way.
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    Re: auto draft?

    I am fine with 100% auto.


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