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Thread: save the league?

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    save the league?

    Hey guys, at our current census the league is going to fold, and I doubt we're going to be able to recruit enough new owners to save it. So, an idle idea I have is for all existing owners to take TWO teams, one in each "league" within this one. And people can trade between them all they like-they could try to construct one great and one dismal team, or one old and one young team, or have two competitive teams, or whatever they wanted. Just a thought as an experiment to try, otherwise the league is probably a goner. I'm not certain if we could even do so without a commish to assign the teams.
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    Re: save the league?

    Sadly I think the $50M cap on Greek leagues is killing them, not sure there's much that can be done

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    Re: save the league?

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