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Thread: Rots Draft is NOW !!!

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    Rots Draft is NOW !!!

    ROTS draft will be 2 rounds of 6 teams per block which should take 8 days. Plan to start Block 1 July 26 thursday, Friday block 2 July 27, Saturday block 3 July 28, Block 4 July 29 sunday, 2 rd starts Monday July 30, Block 6 July 31 tuesday, Block 7 Aug 1 wednesday, and last day is Wednesday Aug2. Picks should be in by 6 PM EST. I will try to make the picks as close as I can to 6 pm , if there is a problem they should at least be done by 9 pm est. 1] Will take lists,picks early. 2] Set picks as soon as posted. 3] Draft goes smoothly when owners get involved. 4] Check for trades and send me any swap of picks ASAP . 5] Auto is at end of 6 team block 6] Will go back to 8 day sims after draft. Time to get moving on improving ownership. The DRAFT is NOW ON !!!!! .

    Draft Order:

    Round 1:
    1.Buffalo Crusaders ---Richard Langley-p
    2.This Team Available --Kenneth Steinhauer-p
    3.Cold Steel Brigade ---Sam Woodall-ss
    4.Hawg Hunters Lunker Clubbers--James Hack-p
    5.Mercury Heat ---Francis Phelps--lf
    6.Aurora Borealis ---Richard Moore --2b
    7.Orangeville Northmen ---Elvis Young-2b
    8.Miami Maulers --Daniel Wedgeworth-p
    9.Golden Isle Stars --James Dishman-cf
    10.Camden River Sharks --Robert Keech--cf
    11.Diamond Dusters -Jordan Biglerf--rf-
    12.Burtts Corner Brawlers --Johnnie Murphy--p
    13.Empire State Athletic Club-Gary Turner -p-
    14.New Jersey Mob --Richard Ackley-p
    15.Adirondack Freeman- Harold Saunders -c
    16.MidWest City Bandits--Larry Akridge -rf
    17.Space Invaders --Stephen Edwards--p
    18.Oceanside Cyclones--Brandon Restivo --c
    19.New York Zombies of Doom-Thomas Felder-1b
    20.Barrow Whalers---James Bowers--c
    21.Oceanside Cyclones--Edward Spangler-lf
    22.Kansas City Fountains--Terry Chung-2b
    23.Big Bang Destroyers--Clarence Kaiser--ss
    24.Nazareth Acolytes --James Harper--p
    Round 2:
    25.Buffalo Crusaders
    26.This Team Available
    27.Cold Steel Brigade
    28.Hawg Hunters Lunker Clubbers
    29.Mercury Heat
    30.Aurora Borealis
    31.Orangeville Northmen
    32.Miami Maulers
    33.Golden Isle Stars
    34.Camden River Sharks
    35.Diamond Dusters
    36.Burtts Corner Brawlers
    37.Empire State Athletic Club
    38.New Jersey Mob
    39.Adirondack Freeman
    40.MidWest City Bandits
    41.Space Invaders
    42.Oceanside Cyclones
    43.New York Zombies of Doom
    44.Barrow Whalers
    45.Oceanside Cyclones
    46.Kansas City Fountains
    47.Big Bang Destroyers
    48.Nazareth Acolytes
    Round 3:
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