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Thread: Yankees (soon to be renamed block)

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    Yankees (soon to be renamed block)

    Alright, so I have lots of batters available. I am looking for pitchers, but I am also interested in 3B or draft picks:

    First Base - I would prefer to keep either Santiago or Stayton as a possible DH, but I could part with them both for the right price
    Broadway - 30 years old
    Santiago - 28 years old
    Stayton - 24 years old
    Hanner - 21 years old

    Second Base
    Edwards - 33 years old

    Third Base
    Buckley - 34 years old
    Williams - 31 years old

    Harry - 30 years old

    Ross - 26 years old

    As you can see, some of these guys are really good. But my team is in desperate need of pitching and I already have stars at their positions so I will have to make some sacrifices. Lets hear your best offer

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    Re: Yankees (soon to be renamed block)

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    Re: Yankees (soon to be renamed block)

    I would have interest in Mangum, however, his production at the plate would have me a bit worried. i would be willing to give up Ross or Santiago, unless you have another idea. and of course, salary would be an issue since you are currently over the cap. i could take some on, but im not sure if you have the players to dump to make it work


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