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    not for this league

    Despite a finish of just 79-81, Coach Fulgin's Tigers have made the playoffs. This isn't the first time that a sub-.500 team has made it in, and I began to wonder what chances Coach would have to win it all this year. After all, even a bad team can get lucky and beat a good team in a seven game series. So here's a list of LoC playoff teams with losing records and how they did.

    yearteamrecordplayoff results
    1986Seattle Mariners77-83lost to California in first round
    1992New York Yankees79-81lost to Toronto in first round
    1993New York Yankees78-82lost to Toronto in first round
    1994New York Yankees75-85lost to Toronto in first round
    2000New York Mets78-82lost to Atlanta in first round
    2003Toronto Blue Jays79-81lost to Boston in first round
    2005Tampa Bay Rays74-86lost to New York in first round
    2007Philadelphia Phillies78-82lost to Pittsburgh in first round
    2008Miami Marlins76-84lost to St. Louis in second round
    2009Chicago Cubs78-82lost to Miami in first round
    2014Detroit Tigers**-**???

    Based on what I see here, I'm not very optimistic about Coach's chances. The '08 Marlins are the only team from this list to advance past the Divisional Series, and that was against a Cubs team that went just 82-78. So how will the Tigers do against Hudson Hawke's Blue Jays--a team that went 101-59? We will see in the next few days.

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    Re: not for this league

    Trade proposed by Connecticut Huskies to The Gospel: Accept offer Decline offer
    "Plus CT's 1st round pick in 1991"
    - Owner, Connecticut Huskies
    From The Gospel:
    P: Gabriel Angel ($4,484,000)
    From Connecticut Huskies:
    P: John Beaudry ($1,283,000)
    First Round Draft Pick: #22 overall

    Loek Van Mil, 7'1" 260#

    The comfort of imaginary friends is not imaginary comfort.


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