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Thread: Nazereth and West Coast

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    Nazereth and West Coast

    Trade also includes WCW's entire 1985 draft going to the NA

    Comments from Whit:
    Welp, You all know my philosophy by now about trading for proven vets. This trade gets us two more. Clark is still in his twenties (late 20's but still fits our timetable). Completely fills our entire outfield. Whittaker, how can I go wrong with him. Another Whit- in my book is $ in the bag!!! Plus range in our huge outfield is also a bonus and for the most part most teams in the league are rather very oversized still. Both Clark and "S-wHIT" have plus range and real decent with the sticks. Keep trading players we renamed, and thats like piss in the John...but sometimes when you gotta go- the next thing that comes is flushing that's what happened - We just "Bourjos"ed.

    That's are side of the story...
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    Re: Nazereth and West Coast

    Interesting trade, personally don't like either guy from Nazareth, but don't see anything wrong with the deal.
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    Re: Nazereth and West Coast

    Nazareth adds another piece to their rebuild and picks up extra draft picks. It will be 3-5 seasons of rebuilding before the dominance begins.

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    Re: Nazereth and West Coast

    Trade helps both teams. Acolytes are stocking those picks. Good trade.
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    Re: Nazereth and West Coast

    Looks good to me.
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    Re: Nazereth and West Coast

    I really like that DI and BA combo of that outfielder. Looks like a good trade to me.
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