Hey just figured i'd pass this on to you guys, another league im commissioner in has two openings.

Here are the teams

Waco Pepper Jumpers

Galveston Goats (the Leighton account is an account I use to occupy vacant teams)

The league is a very active 8/day league that slows to 4/day during the draft, but its pretty laid back in terms of rules. The activity situation is far better than the one we have in here, i garuntee you if you take the AUTO's from the draft we just ran in here and compare it to the past 5 drafts in Fantasy Outlaws the amount of auto's would be the same, so you do the math 1 draft is equal to 5 drafts. We also run two rounds instead of the one round in here. Im the head commissioner and CHUCK KEILLY and balmers are good co-commissioners. I also produce a rankings system for the leagues teams that i've been slowly shaping up over the last 6 or 7 seasons.

We have a very good core of active managers in the league. In the Galveston situation the team was under control of my former co-commissioner JEFFTVAN (still listed as commissioner) some of you probably know him from here or one of his myriad of teams but for those that dont for some reason JEFF just dissapeared from the game a little while back, so it would be my guess something happened beyond his control such as an illness or accident. In the Waco situation BigTweed just decieded he was too good for us or something, doesnt bother me a bit he's had that team at the bottom of the standangs since i've been in the league. If your interested let me know and i'll add whichever one you want to your franchise..

You can change the team names of course...

Now I'd love to have any of you active guys from here but if joining Fantasy Outlaws forces you to resign from here I would have to pass. Then I'll just have to try and replace you in here.