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Thread: Career Pitching Records

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    Career Pitching Records

    Old records:

    Pitching Leaders
    1Renteria, Sandy188
    2Noone, William181
    3Floyd, Maxwell174
    1Leatherman, Charles279
    2Watkins, Michael252
    3Reyes, Joseph242
    1Robertson, Charles2244
    2Woodard, Glenn2224
    3Salmons, Clint2187
    1Carlson, Allen2640.0
    2Sandoval, Keir2515.0
    3Noone, William2457.1
    1Carlson, Allen215
    2Sandoval, Keir191
    3Quesinberry, Joseph182
    1Hall, Abraham40
    2Carlson, Allen36
    3Noone, William35
    1Jackson, Douglas2.22
    2Leary, Larry2.55
    3Hall, Abraham2.77
    1Jackson, Douglas1.07
    2Noone, William1.10
    3Leary, Larry1.12
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    *DPL 17, 21, 29, 32
    *EE 86, 88, 91, 03, 22, 31, 39, 56
    MLB 8s 83, 84, 97, 01, 03, 34, 79
    *PCL 63
    PGML 86, 92, 21, 38, 39, 41
    PP 26, 35, 36, 38, 58, 74
    *REV 16
    *RTTB (NCAA) 54, 56, 72, 76, 82, 95, 97, 03
    *SAL 01, 12
    *TER 67, 87
    *TAB 13, 14

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    Re: Career Pitching Records

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    Re: Career Pitching Records


    Congratulations to Robert Carroll on becoming only the 4th 300 game winner in PGML history. He rode shotgun for Downey with me most of his career. First ballot HOF, and if he's pitching next year, when he comes to our stadium next year, he'll get a loud ovation. He hasn't started in two years though, and he's 41 next year, so he's very unlikely to finish any higher than 3rd on the list.

    Jack Downey and John Porter also cracked 4000 Ks this year. Both have a chance to eventually top the list, however Porter was shifted to relief this year. As he's only 34, he's the better bet as long as he starts. Downey is 37, and his total is based more on longevity. All that prevents him from amassing the 199 Ks he needs to top the list is how long he wants to pitch. He could do it next year, along with a couple other milestones he's expected to hit.


    Congratulations to Jack Downey on reaching his 400th win and passing 5000 IP for his career. Both happened in his second start of the season. I added the quality starts category this year, and this year he also took top spot in that. I swear I didn't know beforehand. He's 15 Ks away from the league record, and has exactly 100 more wins than the second place guy.


    Downey again. On 4/21 he recorded his 4321st strikeout, to add another to the collection of records he already has.

    Roland Gillette makes an appearance atop the ERA list.


    Downey is now the CSFBL active leader in wins. Legit shot at 500, if I can get at least three more years out of him. Here in PGML though, he's only racing himself.

    John Porter is up to 2nd in strikeouts, by a hair.

    Joseph Groff makes an appearance at 4th in quality starts. At 291 wins, there's no reason he shouldn't make that list next year too.


    Congratulations to Joseph Groff on becoming the 5th pitcher in PGML history to amass 300 career wins. Groff ends the season tied for 3rd with 305. I wouldn't be surprised if he takes over 2nd as soon as next season.

    Downey hit 6000 IP this year. No one else has even 80% of that total. 12 more wins puts him in the top 10 all-time for all of CSFBL.

    Dale Wolf squeaks in by one out over Groff for 5th in IP. Since both are active pitchers, they should both be in the top five by the end of April 2029. Assuming neither retires. This time, Wolf is the guy at 291 wins and likely to make the top 5 next year.


    Dale Wolf wins his 300th career game on 6/29, becoming the 6th pitcher in league history to hit 300. He ends the year in a tie for 4th.


    This is the big year for Jack Downey. On 5/13, he won his 495th game, passing John George for the most wins by any lefty in CSFBL history. On 6/16, he hit the 5000 K mark. On 8/13, Downey became the 6th CSFBL pitcher- and FIRST lefty - to 500 wins. He ends the year in 5th overall, at 502.

    Joseph Groff and Dale Wolf move up to become #s 2 and 3 on the wins list, and in IP, in reverse order. Wolf also becomes #2 on the strikeout list. I'm afraid that's as high as they're going to get.

    I'm sorry, but it's going to take a special pitcher on a special team with an attentive manager to threaten Downey's records in this league. He's been pitching too well and too consistently for too long on too good a team for it to be otherwise.
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