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    Importanat draft notice

    If you've read the "Moving Forward" thread, you know, Anathema and I will no longer be alternating turns running the draft. Instead I will be in charge of running the draft, and Anathema will handle keeping our league full with active owners. Outside of splitting up our duties and better defining our roles, we agreed that one of the quickest ways to improve our league was to update how we run our draft. As the people who regulary read the forums (ty those that do) already know owners not getting the correct players has been a problem in all of our drafts. To fix this and hopefully cut down our "autopick"s as well, we've decided to try a few of the solutions proposed by the league. Thanks for the ideas people.

    From this draft (1997) on I will be checking every team's draft board and low minors sometime between the end of our live draft and the actual draft. TEAMS WILL STILL NEED TO SET THEIR DRAFT BOARDS AND MAKE ROOM IN THEIR LOW MINORS. More on that last part in a bit. This will basically eliminate all draft errors. Everyone will finally be gettin' the players they've chosen. Yay.

    The other big change will be our 3 strike system (this is a baseball game afterall) when it comes to the draft.

    If an owner does not make his/her pick when their pick is due they will recieve an "autopick." The autopicked player will be the highest default-rated player available. Any team that recieves an autopick will be given a strike.

    If an owner does not have their draft boards set when I check their team will recieve a strike.

    If an owner does not have at least 2 slots open in their low minors when I check their team I will remove the required number of players from their low minors. If there's room on their AAA roster I will put them there if there is no room I will release the necessary player(s). The player(s) I move will be the player(s) determined to have the least value to their team as determined by me. This owner will also recieve a strike.

    An owner can only recieve one strike a season.

    If an owner recieves 3 strikes over a 5 year span he/she will be removed from the league.

    A strike can only last for 5 seasons.

    Any owner who's action is considered to have negativly affected the draft in any way, and was not previosly mentioned will be handled at the discretion of Anathema and I.

    These moves will only help our league. I'm looking forward to a revamped Xtra Bases.
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