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Thread: Fantasy Outlaws Team Stats (Updated through 2024)

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    Fantasy Outlaws Team Stats (Updated through 2024)

    Team Stats
    Team Name World Series ChampConference Series ChampDivision ChampsTotal Wins During the season
    Clockwork Oranje (baynit)469 
    Hobotown Hosers (jcwilliams_42025)026 
    Houston Colt 45s (Masterdome)136 
    Moggerhanger Mongrelfolk (Ololiqui)112 
    Midgar Prowlers (Anathema)2412 
    Uconn Huskies Mountain Men (theoh1949)249 
    Cancun Beach Bums (Corflu)001 
    Cleveland Cys (R Bitter Bill)012 
    Greek Mafia Consiglieri (GreekGodofHits)71522 
    Kansas City Monarchs (drakestreetwine)014 
    Norton Bay Knights (nelomana)025 
    Windy City Mobsters (balmers)1410 
    Galveston Goats (no manager)013 
    Kentucky's Finest (Anthony)3614 
    Lorain Steelworkers (Phoneyjoker)457 
    Texas Syndicate (ericbax)567 
    Squirrel Hill Nut Raiders (CHUCK KEILLY)013 
    Waco Pepper Jumpers (BigTweed)1510 
    Augusta Armadillos (extreme333)113 
    Black Hills Bison (christo0425)017 
    Copper Mountain Plowboys (donnyrock)002 
    Louisville Sluggers (James Justin)61015 
    Tet Offensives (under2minutes)024 
    Whiskeytown Tumbleweeds (KilllaJabbba)6813 
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