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Thread: Montreal Hab's Team Page

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    Montreal Hab's Team Page

    Post team information here
    "If they made a drug that would guarentee a pitcher 20 wins...but take 20 years off his life... HE WOULD TAKE IT!!!---Jim Bouton--1971

    Altoona Curve (Remake)
    Rochester Hopbitters -(MLB Throwback)
    Houston Oilers (EBB)
    Seattle Seahawks (NFL Blitz)
    B.C Lions (CBL)
    Houston Dynamo (TDD)
    Mountain Fresh Rainiers-(Beer League)
    Eugene Emeralds (PCL)
    Galveston Goats (FO)
    Georgia Tech (College)
    Houston Hanging Judges (Justice)
    Dalas Stars (NHL Tribute)

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    The Montreal Habs are going to work hard work hard work hard to be the best team they can be, and hopefully capture a championship by workin hard eh.

    The players are prepared to take home the title and bathe in maple syrup when they do. Gotta work hard work hard to get there though. Work hard.

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    I'm still not entirely sure how your team is going to win the title...are they going to work hard or not? hehe


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