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Thread: Waiting List

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    Waiting List

    If you know of someone that would like to join RSN, contact Vashon, devereas, cubbybear or myself. We'll add them to the list.

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    can i join?


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    Re: Waiting List

    I'd like to play.
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    Re: Waiting List

    if your in need of owners
    feel free to assign me a team
    I will gladly join , I'm an active owner that checks my team at least once day and also like to talk trade and whatever else matters

    let me know

    P.S I am a real REDSOX FAN
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    Re: Waiting List

    May I play as the owner for the Montecito San Mateos?
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    Re: Waiting List

    Hey Guys,
    I used to own the Durham Bulls way back in the day, I thought I would check up on the league. It appears to be a ghost town. What is the status? Are you going to get fresh meat for the grinder and start up again or is this league on life support and terminally ill ? If it will startup again I would like to recruit the Bulls and own them again.

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