For many months, we've been working on a secret project, and today we'll let you know about it, on the eighth anniversary of CSFBL:

ComputerSims RPS

ComputerSims RPS ("CSRPS" for short) is our version of a sport that is over 6.3 million years old and has been played, arguably, by every person who ever walked the planet. That game, of course, is Rock Paper Scissors ("RPS").

In CSRPS, you will recruit talented RPS athletes into your team, train them on the fine arts of RPS, and compete against others in a ladder-style tournament. Only the best will reach the top!

CSRPS will offer the following features:

  • Players will have hidden tendencies for rock, paper, or scissors, as well as visible ratings including INT (intelligence), DEC (deception), and PRE (premonition).
  • You'll be able to sign your team manager, who will bring different tendencies and styles of play to his team members. Be sure to sign a manager who fits your team's personality!
  • Detailed play-by-play results of each match, and plenty of statistics will be available, including the all-important OCM (opening and closing moves).
  • Injuries and fatigue will be an integral part of the game. A player may cramp up, limiting their use of a strategic scissors move, or suffer fatigue from a long, grueling match and toss a paper move when everyone knew the situation called for rock.

We're excited to be the first company to bring Rock-Paper-Scissors to a multi-player online game, and are planning to negotiate with the USARPS, America's Official Rock Paper Scissors League for sponsorship and promotions -- as well as exciting prizes!

Stay tuned for more information on CSRPS!

Update (chrisgeleven): To get discussion kicked off on this fantastic new game, jump over to the BRAND NEW ComputerSims RPS forums!