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Thread: 2017 Season Discussion

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    2017 Season Discussion

    Saint Paul sits 1 GB of Cleveland for the second playoff spot in the Eastern division. If we miss the playoffs we can clearly blame our poor head to head record against Cleveland. We have gone 2-12 against Cleveland.

    Of course Saint Paul has a negative run differential and is basically the same team I had last year that went 68-92. I'm pretty happy to be competing for a playoff spot, even if I don't know what made this year different.
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    Re: 2017 Season Discussion

    Bruce Ross finished the season with a ridiculous 389:81 GO:FO ratio. That is 82+% on the GOs!

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    Re: 2017 Season Discussion

    After going 10-4 in the regular season against Cleveland, Kentucky was lulled to sleep by the Naps, to the tune of a sweep. Yikes. Hats off to Cleveland. Good luck the rest of the way.


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