1st  33.6%
2nd  16.8%
3rd  12.6%
4th  9.5%
T5th  5.5%
T5th  5.5%
T5th  5.4%
8th  3.0%
T9th  2.0%
T9th  1.9%
11th  1.3%
12th  1.0%
T13th  0.6%
T13th  0.6%
15th  0.4%
16th  0.3%
The restof the picksarelocked
17th  Lost LDS
18th  Lost LDS
19th  Lost LDS
20th  Lost LDS
21st  Lost LCS
22nd  Lost LCS
23rd  Lost WS
24th  Won WS

- The draft lottery is run on the same calendar day as the game simulates April 1st of the season. We will use Eastern time to determine when the game simulates. The midnight simulation begins a calendar day.

- At the end of the day that the draft is to be run, the designated league commissioner will log on to www.lotteryusa.com and check the results of the chosen lotteries. The lottery that will be used is that specific state's Mid-day Pick 3 lottery drawing. If there is no Mid-day Pick 3 for any reason, the previous day's Mid-day Pick 3 will be used instead.
1st - Missouri
2nd - New York
3rd - Ohio
4th - New Jersey
5th - North Carolina
6th - Maine
7th - Indiana
8th - Georgia
9th - D.C.
10th - Florida
11th - Pennsylvania
12th - Connecticut
13th - Maryland
14th - Virginia
15th - Michigan

Last 2 years of picks for teams who had a top 6 pick last year (for the 3 -> 9 penalty rule):
Bloomington Swamp Dragons437
Saskatchewan Eh-thletics13114
Peoria Chiefs9514
Palm Beach Cardinals11617
Potomac Nationals16218

2114 Draft Lottery Spreadsheet